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Portobello B&B Rules

In order to provide you a pleasant and safe stay in our B&B please read and follow the regulations below.

1. Rooms in Portobello B&B are rented for hotel nights only.

2. A hotel night starts at 3 pm and lasts till 11 am the following day. Staying in the room or keeping personal belongings longer than until check-out hour is treated as an extension of a stay. In situations like this the reception desk will add a corresponding amount of money to your bill.

3. Extending your stay till 3 pm on your departure day in possible only after prior arrangements with the reception desk and must be reported no later than at 10 am that day. The additional cost during high season is 100 PLN per room and 150 PLN per apartment. In medium and low seasons it is 50 PLN per room and 100 PLN per apartment.

4. All wishes to extend a stay are implemented as existing opportunities.

5. Every loss of a room card should be immediately reported to reception desk to enable the staff to deactivate the card. A fee for a loss is 30 PLN.

6. In every Double Room can be accommodated no more than 2 adults and 1 child up to 3 years old (free of charge with no extra services). Children older than 3 years old must sleep in a separate bed, only in room no. 16 and in apartments no. 31,32,33 an extra bed is available (paid as in the pricelist).

7. Guests cannot hand over the room to a third party even if the lease has not expired. Only guests checked-in by reception staff can stay for a night.

8. People who are not checked-in guests can visit you in your room from 7 am to 10 pm.

9. B&B staff may refuse to check-in any guest who during a previous stay grossly violated any of the following regulations.

10. Portobello`s responsibility for loss or damage to valuables, money, items of scientific or artistic value is limited so long as these objects have not been deposited at the reception desk.

11. 11. From 10 pm to 7 am are quiet hours.

12. The behavior of guests and people using services of Portobello should not interfere with a peaceful stay of other guests. Staff may refuse to continue to provide services to anyone who violates the rules.

13. Each time leaving the rooms the guest should check if all doors and windows are properly closed. Because of the seagulls please do not store neither food not garbage on balconies or windowsills.

14. In Portobello, including all rooms and apartments, according to Law of April 8, 2010 it is strictly prohibited to smoke cigarettes or any other tobacco products. A fee for not obeying this rule is 1000 PLN.

15. Guests shall bear liability for any kind of damage of equipment and technical devices of Portobello arising from his/hers fault or of the fault of people visiting him/her.

16. Because of the fire safety it is prohibited to use any heaters, irons and other appliances of the kind which are not provided by Portobello staff.

17. Housekeeping is every 2 days from 9 am to 3 pm, towels can be changed every 2 days, sheets every 4 days always and only on guest`s demand. Used towels should be left on bathroom’s floor, a change of sheets should be asked at the reception desk.

18. Pets are not allowed at Portobello. A fee for keeping a pet is 1000 PLN, additionally a check-out procedure will start immediately.

19. Personal belongings left by a guest in the room can be returned by mail at the expense of the owner. Left items will be stored for 3 months, after this period all items will become a property of Portobello. Food will not be stored.

Portobello`s Management